A few Thoughts for the New Year: Five Habits to Change and Five Habits to Keep

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‘New Year’s Resolutions.’ That’s somewhat of a cliche phrase for me. I guess I always associate New Year’s Resolutions with failing after a good try. Fleeting thoughts. A nice go for a short lived habit. Maybe it’s just me. I have good intentions but no follow through.

New Years Resolutions 2016. Habits to keep and habits to change.

I long for discipline in life.

Discipline can be a frightening word. It comes in different forms and fashions. In the context here, I long to live life with controlled intentionality. Would I like to be one pants size smaller? I need to be disciplined to eat less and exercise more. Do I wish to know more Scripture? I need to be disciplined with my time and priorities. Do I want to serve my husband more? I need to be disciplined with how I use my time during the days.

How am I going to accomplish this?

Habits? Do habits form disciplines? Or does discipline form habits? Either way, here are my thoughts for the new year. Here’s what I’d like to see change in our home and in my life this new year. I also included a few habits I want to continue for myself and my family.

A note before you read on: remember that these are the habits that I personally want to change or keep.  Your habits might be completely different.  I share mine for accountability, encouragement, and inspiration.  Don’t be distracted if your habits are completely different and definitely don’t be discouraged in yourself!  This is meant to encourage you to think through habits in your own life.

New Years Resolutions 2016. Habits to keep and habits to change.

A few new habits I’d like to change in our home this year.

1. Reading Scripture and praying regularly with my husband.
Children have changed some things in our marriage. They kind of took over our marriage. Can anyone else here relate? These little guys take up so much time and energy. Sometimes I’ll sit down in the evenings only to realize I haven’t hugged my husband all day. It’s easy to let our marriage flounder a midst all the attention little kids need. If Peter and I chose to set aside a few times each week to read Scripture and pray together, I think our marriage could be refreshed and encouraged.

2. Reading more books.
I don’t think I have ever regretted reading a book. More often than not, while I’m reading a book, I think to myself how I should re-read the book when I am done. There is so much wisdom to be gleaned from others. I don’t take advantage enough of that wisdom offered through the avenue of reading.

3. Walking.
I used to run. Before the boys were born, I ran fairly regularly. My husband and I ran two half marathons together. I didn’t always enjoy the process of running, but I was always so glad when I finished a good run. I wanted to get back into running this last year, but I dreaded running anytime I committed to it. I rarely followed through. Solution? Walking is a better goal for me. I enjoy it. It’s not high stress, and it’s something I can easily do with the kids. My goal is 5,000 steps a day.

New Years Resolutions 2016. Habits to keep and habits to change.


4. Minimalizing.
Yes, it’s quite trendy right now. Living with little. The wardrobe capsule. Simplicity. I like this trend. We need to clean out our closet. We also need to get rid of our garage sale pile. We have this habit of keeping everything in a pile that we don’t sell from year to year. We need to get rid of our pile this year. We will give the garage sale one more go, but whatever doesn’t sell needs to leave our home. I also want to clean through Case’s toys. He is only two, but he has too many toys. Oy.

5. Sewing for someone besides myself.
I want to keep my hands busy. I enjoy projects in the home. My favorites usually involve sewing. Peter and I have been talking about how we can honor our grandparents. It’s kind of tricky. They are getting so old, and communicating with them is hard. A goal this year is to make each of my grandmothers a lap quilt. Nothing huge but something I can invest time in and give to them. I’d like to make another throw for our living room too.

New Years Resolutions 2016. Habits to keep and habits to change.

A few habits I’d like to keep this year in our home:

1. Eating low carb and low sugar.
We started this in September of 2014, and we haven’t regretted cutting lots of carbs and sugar out of our diet. We fluctuate with our eating choices and don’t stick to this 100%, but cutting out LOTS of refined carbs and processed sugars has been a great decision for us.

2. Watching little to no TV.
A year ago we moved our TV out of the family room into our bed room. The primary reason was because we wanted more space in the family room, and we didn’t want to move the TV downstairs since we are in process of finishing the basement. We haven’t missed the TV one bit. We watch it less than once a month, and we have no problem filling that time with other tasks.

3. Continuing Kay Arthur precept studies with a good friend.
A couple years ago, I started meeting with three other ladies on Tuesday nights for Bible Study. I learned many of Kay Arthur’s study techniques and completed a couple of her precept studies. Through a series of events, one of the ladies and I decided to continue meeting just the two of us. This has been a wonderful opportunity for deep relationship with another godly woman. We share our hearts, pray for each other, and study the Bible together.

New Years Resolutions 2016. Habits to keep and habits to change.

4. Keeping week nights at home a priority.
We have enjoyed simplicity at home. In this phase of life, we want lots of family time. Peter knows I am home with the kids all day, and in the evenings I REALLY REALLY REALLY enjoy having his company and help with the boys. To make this happen, we have to be very careful about our commitments. We’ve made it a number one priority for Peter to be in a job that allows him to be home (and mentally present) in the evenings, and we are very careful about saying yes to anything at all during the week. We like it this way, and it’s best for our family right now.

5. Serving in the music ministry at our local church.
Along the same line as the above comments, we are very careful and thoughtful to where we commit our time. We have dedicated ourselves to one ministry at church, and it takes lots of time (depending on the season of the year.) Peter and I love music, and we lead the orchestra at our church. I also play piano when needed here and there. This is something we have decided to commit to for another year. The music ministry at our church is a huge blessing and an amazing avenue of fellowship for us.

New Years Resolutions 2016. Habits to keep and habits to change.

What about you? I’d love to hear some of the habits in your home that you value and don’t want to change. Or, what do you want to see change in the coming year?

New Years Resolutions 2016. Habits to keep and habits to change.

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