A Finished Quilt Made from Vintage Sheets

Vintage Sheet Patchwork Quilt. Yellow, pink, blue, and green.

Maybe this is my fourth or fifth patchwork quilt made from vintage sheets?

Either way, I’m growing more and more fond of vintage items. Last night I went and picked up some old vintage French doors with perfectly divided window panes. I’m still not sure where we can use them in our home, but I’m going to come up with something. 🙂

Just yesterday, my mom sent me a picture of some vintage Fiesta ware that was a bit hard to decline. I love the colors and the recycled items.

Vintage Sheet Patchwork Quilt. Yellow, pink, blue, and green.

I don’t think I learned anything surprising or new this time around sewing with vintage sheets. I still echo much of what I’ve learned in past posts. I used lots of starch because of the wear many of my sheets have already gone through. While I always try to find sheets that are still vibrant in color, many of them are soft and quite flimsy from prior use.

Here’s a list of past posts I’ve written about vintage sheets, and what I’ve learned on my journey of finding and sewing with them:

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Vintage Sheet Patchwork Quilt. Yellow, pink, blue, and green.

The patchwork blankets I’ve made with vintage sheets usually finish around 50 by 70 inches. I cut 6 1/2 inch squares for this quilt and sewed nine across and eleven down. (The finished squares are six inches each.) I usually sew the squares into sets of nine and then sew the nine patches together to create the quilt. This is a simple way for me to ensure color balance.

This blanket, in particular, I specifically made for a friend to gift at a wedding shower. As a result, it never made it to my Etsy Shop. Check back in a bit and my plan is to list a pillow cover just like this blanket. My long term plan is to finish ten or so of these picnic blankets and list them all at once, but that has been my plan for almost two years now. Ha! Raising my three precious children has rightly delayed that goal for sometime now.

Vintage Sheet Patchwork Quilt. Yellow, pink, blue, and green.

Nesting seams has become a must for me on simple patchwork quilts like this. Since these squares made of vintage sheets don’t hold shape as well as normal quilting fabric, the process of nesting the seams keeps the corners sharp…for the most part. Don’t be deceived thinking there are no puckers at any corners. I assure you there are. I can’t figure out how to complete a quilt without any puckers. Maybe some day!

Vintage Sheet Patchwork Quilt. Yellow, pink, blue, and green.

These are a beautiful (and fun) way to use and recycle thrift store items. Many of my sheets come from the thrift store. With three children in tow now, I shop online from smaller retailers a bit more, but I still make it to a thrift store once or so a month.

Vintage Sheet Patchwork Quilt. Yellow, pink, blue, and green.

Before I go, I’ll leave you with a few fun vintage loving ladies on Instagram:

Susan from SewSugarBeans
Elise from EliseBurkhead
Kelly from VintageFabricStudio
Stacy from ALittleShabbyShack

Here are two Instagram accounts that sell vintage items:


Even if you don’t buy anything, they are still inspiring to glance through. Sometimes it’s fun to browse the feeds before heading to your own thrift store. They may give you some ideas for fun additions to your home that you can find for a few dollars. Or, like me, you find an old mirror for five dollars that you buy for your bathroom instead of buying the $150.00 mirror from School House Electric that you had your heart set on.

Vintage Sheet Patchwork Quilt. Yellow, pink, blue, and green.

2 thoughts on “A Finished Quilt Made from Vintage Sheets

    1. Hi Cher, I have always used another vintage sheet for the backs of my vintage sheet quilts. I have seen other mediums of fabrics (like quilting cotton) used in combination with the sheets, but I haven’t tried that yet.

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