A Flower Basket for Mother’s Day

Pink Vertuna, White Sweet Alyssum, Vinca Vine, Lemon Yellow Thunbergia, Spring colored flower variety

Mother’s Day is just a few days away, and I think the tradition of giving flowers for Mother’s Day is a beautiful one.

We went back to Peter’s home town last weekend and had the opportunity to walk through an Amish nursery. When we got there, I told Peter I wished I had taken my camera. Table after table and row after row of so many flowers.

We left with a small variety of flowers. Enough for three moms. My mom, Peter’s mom, and me. 🙂

1. These were the first ones I found. The yellow flowers were big. The vines were full of blooms. They are called Lemon Yellow Thunbergia. I have never used these in pots before, but the large and vining blooms were hard for me to pass up.

Lemon Yellow Thunbergia. A beautiful and full vining yellow flower. Perfect for a hanging basket.

2. Then we ran across these Hot Pink Verbana. I liked the bit of corrugated color on the petals.

Hot Pink Verbena. Pretty small pink potting flower.

3. Since the first two selections were full of color, I turned to the white flowers next. These were vining very nicely over the sides of many pots. These small white flowers are called Sweet Alyssum. I think these dainty ones come in a variety of colors if you wish for something other than white.

White sweet alyssum. A small vining white flower.

4. Finally, a little filler and greenery is always nice. I chose the ever so common Vinca Vine. From experience, these grow very very long in just a short season. Trimming may be necessary.

Vinca Vine. Great filler for potted plants and hanging baskets.

I’m hoping my mothers thoroughly enjoy the flowers I picked out for them. 🙂

My hanging basket has already found a spot on the side of the play house in our backyard.

A flower basket perfect for Mother's Day.

What do you enjoy giving for Mother’s Day?

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