A Free Easter Print and Name Cards for your Table

Happy Monday friends! And HAPPY SPRING!!!

Here in the midwest, the daffodils have just bloomed and buds are popping up on the trees. I love spring, and I love being able to be outside in jeans and a t-shirt.

My mother-in-law came this weekend to see the boys, and she did not disappoint with fun activities for them. I am not sure where she comes up with all her ideas, but she always brings a fun project and treats for the boys.

Kids' activity for Easter!

She made little birds’ nests out of egg whites, coconut, and food coloring (maybe something similar to this recipe.) She brought jelly beans (the Starburst kind!) to put in the nests for the eggs, and she brought yummy peeps for the birds. (*sarcasm* on the ‘yummy.’ Does anyone really actually like peeps?)

Kids' activity for Easter!

She brought some icing and graham crackers so the boys could build a bird house. It was adorable and they loved it! By the way, this frosting is my mother-in-law’s recipe we used on these fun cookies. It’s delicious.

Kids' Easter activity!

For Easter this year, we will spend the day at my parent’s house. My mom does a really great job of inviting friends and family. If she runs into someone at church in the morning who doesn’t have plans, she invites them over for lunch. Even though the table gets a bit crowded, there is always good fellowship.

I hope you find some friends or family to celebrate with this weekend. Jesus, indeed rose again, and this weekend is the perfect time to remember His resurrection.

Free Printable: Happy EasterSince I am enjoying the bright spring colors popping up everywhere, I used some of my favorite colors and made a fun sign for Easter. It’s simple, but I like the scrappy font and spring colors.Free Printable: He is risen, indeed!

Click the ‘download’ button below and you can easily download and print either or both of these prints if you’d like. They are sized to be printed on a standard 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of card stock, but they can be framed in an 8 by 10 frame if you’d like to cut them down.

Place or Name cards for Easter dinner.


If you plan on having company over for dinner, you may enjoy using a few name cards I created some for you.

There is pink, yellow, green, blue, and a neutral color. The download button takes you to another page to access all the colors and the links for the free Easter prints. 🙂

I hope you have a place to worship on Sunday with fellow believers, friends, and family. Celebrating amidst a crowd of others rejoicing with you is a beautiful thing. Happy Spring, friends! 🙂


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