A High School Graduation Gift Idea

High School Graduation Gift Cover PhotoGraduation season is upon us! We don’t have any extremely close friends or family graduating this year, but because of our involvement in our local church, we tend to receive a few invites every year. I am kind of at that age where I can’t believe some of the kids that are graduating from high school. I remember when I was younger. Older adults would tell me ‘Oh, I remember when you were born!’ It was such a nonsense type comment to me with very little meaning.

I get it now.

I am finally at that age where I can remember when some of these high school graduates were born. It’s a first for me, and it is somewhat surreal.

High School Graduation Gift 2

This blog is my start of being more intentional in life, right? Here’s the story: We received three invitations this year to high school graduation parties. My natural (very natural) inclination is to set the invitation aside and do nothing with them. I know. It’s shameful. My immediate response (in my head) is that plenty of other people will go to their parties and get them somewhat useful gifts for them to take off to college.

Apparently, I need a heart and attitude change.

High School Graduate Gift 3I came up with a mental plan for graduation gifts, and I loaded up the kids this morning. We stopped at Barnes and Noble. I picked out three somewhat eclectic notebooks for each of the graduates to use for their favorite class. Another customer there was super considerate and let my kids and I jump ahead of her in line. Such a simple gesture yet it meant so much to me with two little ones in tow.

I then headed off to Target to get my absolute favorite pens ever for the graduates. I am a sucker for smooth, bold writing pens. This may sound petty, but really, these pens are wonderful. We have tons of them lying around the house because they remain on my Christmas list every year. I’m not sure where the cheapest place is to get them, but Target always seem to have them in stock.

High School Graduate Gift 3
If you are running out of ideas and in need of a simple gift for a high school graduate, picking out some extra fun school supplies is a great idea. I am looking forward to sharing these gifts with the graduates, and I am thankful for the ability to give gifts and hopefully bless some others.

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