A Homemade Card for a Housewarming Gift

I have fabric scraps coming out my ears, and I don’t like throwing them away. I think I have three tubs of unusable fabric scraps. Unusable as in less than one square inch of fabric pieces. I actually started sewing one inch blocks together, but I soon learned I was not a precise enough seamstress to sew one inch blocks together. They looked a bit more like wonky rectangles.

Anyway. These homemade cards are my most recent attempts at using up my fabric scraps. I made some homemade fabric cards a couple weeks ago, and I made another one this week for a housewarming gift for some good friends.

These are easy peasy cards to make. I did these with a standard presser foot. If I start getting more creative with curves, I may eventually switch over to a free motion quilting foot or darning foot.

There are perfect for a beginner seamstress, and inadequacies just give this project more character. 🙂

1. Start by cutting  a piece of card stock in half.

A Homemade card. Fabric Scrapbuster.
2. Cut a square for the bottom half of the house, a triangle for the roof, and a small rectangle for the door. Don’t think too hard about this, and don’t worry about them being perfect.

A Homemade card. Fabric Scrapbuster.
3. Take the square and sew it to the card stock. I lined mine up with the bottom of the card stock, but I chose not to center it since I was going to stamp a greeting. I used approximately an eighth of an inch seam allowance while attaching this square to the card stock. At every corner, I stopped sewing, left the needle down, raised the presser foot, rotated the card, and then kept going to the next corner.

I back stitched a few times to secure my stitch after sewing around the entire perimeter.

A Homemade card. Fabric Scrapbuster.
This is what your card should look like when you are done sewing on the square for the house.

A Homemade card. Fabric Scrapbuster.
4. Sew on your triangle for the roof and the rectangle for the front door.

A Homemade card. Fabric Scrapbuster.
5. Finally I used my favorite stamps to spell out ‘home’ on the front of the card.

A Homemade card. Fabric Scrapbuster.
I will soon be using this card and a small gift to bless a family we love dearly. They recently purchased a new home, and we want them to know we are excited for them!

Homemade card for a housewarming gift. Sewing cards with fabric scraps

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