A Lukewarm Cup of Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

Yesterday was a terrible morning. Terrible morning as in my older son had a melt down that lasted for probably forty-five minutes. The melt down carried over into my younger son’s nap time. We were supposed to run an errand, but since we now had to wait for my younger son to wake up, everything was running about an hour and a half late.

The morning had not gone as planned, and I was emotionally exhausted after working patiently through the melt down with my son.

My solution? I went to a little local coffee shop to get an iced coffee on our way out. They recently added a drive through to their little store. Ever since, I frequent it often. Drive through’s are much more convenient with my children in tow.

I went to pick up an iced coffee because I wanted something pleasant after such an eventful morning. Something to enjoy after a rough morning.

The sweet girl at the window handed me my iced coffee, and I drove away.

I took a drink. I didn’t get an iced coffee. I had just bought a lukewarm cup of coffee without any ice, and it was leaking all over my clothes and relatively new minivan.

I was so disappointed. I think they had originally put ice in the coffee – they just didn’t have the ratio quite right. The coffee had immediately melted the ice. Now that the ice had melted, the cup overflowed, leaking out a sticky mess onto my clothes and van. I grabbed some paper napkins from the glove compartment and wiped up the sticky mess as best as I could, carefully placing my napkin wrapped coffee cup back in the cup holder.

Needless to say, I was disappointed. I was possibly a bit frustrated too. Why can’t I just enjoy my iced coffee after such a rough morning?

My older sister encouraged me to write the owners and let them know. I had been so excited when this little local owned business opened up their drive through. I had used it three times already in the short time it had been opened. I ordered the exact same iced coffee all three times. The first time it was great. The second time it was way watered down. The third time it had no ice and made a mess.

She said I shouldn’t hesitate to write them and let them know. She encouraged me to write it nicely and mention how much I love their drive through and plan to continue coming through their drive through. I should just politely let them know my experience with their wonderful little business was a bit less than satisfactory.

They didn’t intend for me to be dissatisfied with my iced coffee. They didn’t mean to make my day worse than it already was. And, I don’t intend to give the owners a taste of their own medicine when I kindly send a note to them.

I hope our blog is kind of like this little drive through at our local coffee shop. We want our blog to be an easy and convenient place to come to find a little beauty and grace for your day.

There may  be times you are a bit dissatisfied with what we say. Or, maybe we make your day a bit worse by sharing something joyful in our lives when you are going through something crazy hard. We aren’t intending to make your day worse. Or, maybe you don’t quite agree with the book review we just wrote. Maybe our recipe you just tried tastes terrible. Would you politely let us know? We don’t want you to ruin our day with a hard to read letter of disappointment, but we do want to hear what encourages you. Please kindly email us or comment and let us know what we can do better.

Our goal is to share a little joy and intentionality in the midst of busy lives. In the midst of hard lives. And in the midst of joyful lives.

Please help us keep this place a place of encouragement and joy!

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