A Mixed Media Collage: A Craft Project for a Two Year Old

a mixed media collage. An art project for a two year old. Craft project for a two year old.

A rainy day. Two sicks kids. An attempt to pass the time without melt downs. Do other moms have these days?

I was kind of at a loss as to what to do with my two year old. We are on day two of nasty colds in our house. Yesterday we didn’t go anywhere. Today we need to go somewhere or figure out something to do at home to keep everyone a bit busy.

We have lots of art supplies, but a two year old is only coordinated enough to do the basics. So instead of just painting or coloring today, we got out lots of different supplies and a bottle of glue. Whatever we could find today, we just glued it on. This ended up  being great fun for my two year old.

Here are the supplies you need for your mixed media collage.
Paper – the bigger the better
Paint or markers
Use a free catalog from the mail with some fun toys for your kids. Cut out pictures of something they like. My son loves tractors so we used a free farm equipment magazine.
Popsicle sticks
Pipe cleaners
Dried beans from the kitchen
Rice, barley, or oatmeal

ANYTHING that you can glue to a piece of paper.

A Mixed Media Collage: An Art Project for a Two Year Old

My two year old loved this. Especially because he got to glue tractors to his paper. I guided a bit with the glue, but he did the rest!

A Mixed Media Collage: An Art Project for a Two Year Old

It’s a perfect project for a rainy day!

If you do this with a little person in your life, we’d love to see it!  Feel free to leave a link in the comments or let us know how it went for you.

an art project for a two year old. mixed media collage. craft for a two year old.

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