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Hi!  We are Kelli and Kristi..the sisters behind The Willow Market.  We are thrilled you stopped by our little spot on the internet.

This blog is a place where you can come and expect to be encouraged, challenged, and inspired.  We are both striving to live intentional lives, but also resting in sweet sweet grace.

Some common themes you’ll find around here are simple ways you can encourage friends or acquaintances in your life, DIY tutorials revolving around sewing or quilting, home projects, photography tips, or reflections to highlight life’s smaller moments.

You may be wondering where our name, The Willow Market, came from.  Well, we originally started this blog with a quirky and whimsical name: The Striped Pearl.  However, as we continued on this journey of blogging, we really wanted a name that reflected our goals with the blog..one that had meaning and purpose.

We have found that no matter what our specific tasks of the day include, we are always trying to live in grace.  We need Jesus’s grace to truly live, we need to offer grace to those around us whether it be our children, friends, family, or husbands, and we need to show ourselves grace.  There is definitely joy to be found in a life of grace.

Willow means graceful and slender.  Market is a place where people often meet to exchange goods or services or can refer to a specific commodity.  The Willow Market is a place where you can come to find grace.2016-01-14TWM copyAs we mentioned, we’re sisters sharing this blog space.  We also have another sister, Kari, who contributes from time to time.  She shares a unique perspective and will pop in with an occasional post.  You can read more about Kari here.

TSP FamilyWe found our childhood in a two story yellow house plopped in the middle of six acres.

Dad put us on lawnmowers when we were probably too young to drive them. He took us up in the loader of the tractor so many times, I’m not sure how one of us never fell out. And, he built us a pink go cart. He spray painted the engine pink and all. Many a hair had burnt tips as we flew through the front field. Our hair flailing behind us and reaching the exhaust pipe. We drove snowmobiles as six year olds and swam in a mud hole behind the barn.

I (Kelli – I am the one writing this) can take full credit for the great posts Kristi writes. See, I schooled and mommied Kristi day in and day out as we grew up together. Goodness, I even fed her mashed up bananas.  We, actually maybe just me, had loads of fun playing ‘school’ and ‘house.’ Kari, on the other hand, read books by night and slept by day. If you get the feeling of over the top IQ or if you start reading words you don’t understand, you are probably reading a post by Kari. She’s pretty smart and has this knack for storing completely random facts she learned in fifth grade history class.

Now, I guess you could say, we have kind of gotten all grown up. We can’t call mom to run home and get the softball glove we forgot for practice after school. Or, we can’t ask the grade school secretary to call mom because we forgot to feed our pet tamagotchi before we came to school. (Ahem, Kristi dear.)

Life just keeps going. In our own three ways, we each wanted a spot to intentionally be intentional with life. Here it is. This blog is our place to see the intentionality in our lives. We can’t go back and do anything over again. How do we move forward ever so carefully with each step of life?

Each of us summarized what it means to be intentional in life. Here are the links to intentional living in the eyes of Kari, Kelli, and Kristi.

Please stay for a while. Send us an email hello (at) thewillowmarket.com or leave a comment and let us know you stopped by. We would truly love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “About The Willow Market

  1. I am so glad I finally found this!! Shauna told me the blog name so you have a new fan/follower!! Hugs and Love to you all!! 😘🐓❤️

    1. Tausha!!! Hi!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I am glad you were able to find the blog. 🙂 We are enjoying our sisterly bonding as we give this blog thing a go. We are having fun. Tell everyone hi! And give hugs to your family. 🙂 -Kelli

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