An Aztec and Arrow Themed Baby Shower

Does anyone else get excited when you have the opportunity to plan a shower for a lovely lady? I love the excuse to make extra cute bunting and sew to my heart’s content to create pretty decorations.

My sister-in-law and I are planning a baby shower for my other sister-in-law’s little baby boy. She is due in April, and I am excited to have another little one added to the mix.

Next time you have a friend or family member expecting a little one, be extra excited for them. Sometimes it’s difficult to truly, genuinely, and sincerely celebrate other people in our lives. If you are anything like me, bitter and jealousy can creep in quickly when others are experiencing blessing in their lives. Don’t be like me. I’m learning to go out of my way and work hard to try and make others feel special. I haven’t always done this, but thankfully God continues shaping my heart.

Here are three ideas you can use to throw a fun arrow and aztec themed baby shower.
1. Arrow shaped bunting.
2. Arrow themed printed invitations.
3. Homemade bibs made with arrow printed fabric.

Part 1: How to make arrow shaped bunting for an aztec themed baby shower:

1. Download the free printable pictured below. This offers three sizes of arrows you can easily use as templates for your bunting.

Aztec baby shower decorations. Arrow bunting. Baby shower themes.

2. Trace the arrows onto your favorite scrap book paper and cut them out. I used a Prairie Hill collection that has since been discontinued.

Aztec baby shower decorations. Arrow bunting. Baby shower themes.

3. Using a sewing machine or a hole punch and string, connect your arrows. I used a sewing machine because it is fast and easy, but if you aren’t proficient with a sewing machine, use a hole punch and some bakers twine. I sew mine leaving about a half of an inch gap between arrows.

Aztec baby shower decorations. Arrow bunting. Baby shower themes.

4. Hang the bunting. Mine is currently hanging on the mantle, but draping from light fixture to light fixture can make a fun affect. We have also used the curtain rods to secure bunting too!

Aztec baby shower decorations. Arrow bunting. Baby shower themes.

Part 2: How I created arrow themed baby shower invitations:

1. I used a program called Adobe Photoshop Elements to create some invitations for this baby shower. I love this program, and it is great for a blogger / amateur photographer like me.

2. I bought some arrow clipart from Shh Maker Designs on Etsy. After gathering all the logistical baby shower details, I created the below.

Aztec or arrow themed baby shower invitation.

If you aren’t up for creating invitations or you don’t have the technical knowledge to do them, shop around on Etsy for baby shower invitations. There are plenty of makers and creators out there willing to customize invitations for you.

I had my invitations printed at a local print shop instead of using my old ink jet printer. The quality is much better.

Part 3: How to create a homemade bib and baby sock garland.

My sis-in-law suggested using clothespins and socks for some bunting. Since I had already made some bibs for the new momma, I decided to use the socks and bibs for the garland.

Mini Clothespins
White Baby Socks
White Twine
Homemade bibs (check back next Monday for a tutorial on how to make these super absorbent baby bibs!!)

Baby bunting. Aztec or arrow themed baby shower or party.

The rest is pretty self explanatory. Using the white twine and miniature clothes pins, hang the bibs and baby socks. Simple and super cute!

Next month I have the privilege of getting out all these decorations at my mother-in-law’s home and celebrating my sister-in-law. Pray for this little one and her mommy. Life with little ones can be unexpectedly hard, and I hope they find all the joy possible raising their little boy.

Aztec or arrow themed baby shower. Baby shower decorations.

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    1. Hi Kati, thanks! 🙂 I enjoyed having a great excuse to use some creativity. From your cute blog, it looks like you are full of creativity! Wow, you keep busy! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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