Book Review: 20 Ways to Draw a Tree by Eloise Renouf

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20 Ways to Draw a Tree by Eloise Renouf

Name of Book: 20 Ways to Draw a Tree and 44 Other Nifty Things from Nature
Eloise Renouf

Why I decided to read this book: A friend posted about this book on Facebook a long time ago. I had never heard of it before, and it caught my eye. I have zero ability when it comes to drawing, and I loved some of the little sketches on the front of the book. The sketches looked somewhat simple, and I thought the book could help me learn a bit about drawing.

Who do I recommend to read this book: I recommend this book for anyone with an appreciation for creativity and nature. Even if you don’t want to learn to draw, or if you already know how to draw, this is a fun book. It’s a great end table book for guests to flip through too. If you like being outside and appreciate the details in God’s creation, you will enjoy seeing Eloise’s interpretation of so many creations from nature.

A Book Review, 20 Ways to Draw a Tree by Eloise Renouf

My biggest take away from the book: If I have a little help to see and find the bones and framework of some simple objects like trees, birds, or flowers, I can go a long way with sketching.

What I think the author wanted me to take away from the book: I think Eloise Renouf designed this book to help people like me see that I, too, can draw simple things from nature. She doesn’t give step by step instructions, but she uses simple shapes and clean lines that anyone can draw to make something pretty.

Eloise Renouf, 20 Ways to Draw a Tree, Book Review

My favorite aspect about this book: I like that anyone can benefit from this book. It’s a very creative, fun, and inspiring book. Renouf offers a huge variety of simple sketches. The book has lots to offer.

My least favorite aspect about this book: No matter how much I try, my drawings will never look like Renouf’s. I need to accept that it is okay that my drawings won’t look like her’s. And, like most things in life, I will need to practice, practice, and practice some more if my drawings will ever look remotely like they are supposed to. 🙂

Any additional thoughts: Her title is accurate when Renouf says 20 Ways to Draw a Tree and 44 Other Nifty Things from Nature. This book is FULL of more to draw than trees. You will find mushrooms, flowers, clouds, apples, nests, owls, butterflies, and citrus fruits to name a few.

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