Book Review: Keep It Shut by Karen Ehman

(This post has been written by my sister, Kristi.)

I have to admit – I read nearly two books in the middle of this book because I just couldn’t get through it.  The material presented in this book was great and helpful and things that I needed to be reminded of, but I just don’t think the author writes in a style that is engaging to me nor do we share the same sense of humor.  All that to say, since even starting this book, I have been way more aware of my words and I am trying trying to hold my tongue more so clearly I was impacted by reading this book.

Keep It Shut by Karen Ehman

Name of Book: Keep It Shut: What to Say, How to Say It, and When to Say Nothing At All

Author: Karen Ehman

Why I decided to read this book: I struggle to know what to say, how to say it, and when to not say anything at all; therefore, I figured this book would be perfect for me.  In all seriousness, a friend recommended this book to me as she knows I don’t always know how to use my words wisely.  Also, Candice Cameron endorsed it.  I mean if DJ Tanner is reading it, then I figured I should too.

Who do I recommend to read this book: First, this book is definitely written to females from a female.  Beyond that, I think just about any woman could find help in this book.  If I’m being super particular, I have a couple friends in mind who I really don’t think need to read it as they have never been brash speakers or quick to speak.

My primary take-away from the book: Just because I have something to say, it does not necessarily need to be said.  In my head I knew this, but in this season of life, I definitely need reminded.

My favorite aspect about this book: In one particular segment of the book, Ehman encourages readers to be intentionally encouraging with their words.  She includes prompts for how to start out a note of encouragement.  I found these prompts helpful and insightful when you’re not sure how to express your gratitude to someone.

My least favorite aspect about this book: Sometimes I just felt like there were unneeded paragraphs and sentences to fill space – almost like the words were contradicting the title.

Overall recommendation:  I do recommend this book – but as light reading and as a book to skim.  I think Ehman has a pertinent message, but read the parts that grab your attention.

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