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I have a hard time giving someone a gift if its not something I personally really like.  One time I told my sister that she needed to add more things to her Christmas pin board (we keep Pinterest boards of things we’d like for Christmas to help out with ideas) when she still had several items left on the board.  My brother-in-law informed my sister that meant I must not like anything that was left on the board.

Oops..apparently only giving gifts you like can occasionally backfire :).  Although a little embarrassed, he was right.  All that to say, finding unique and thoughtful gifts that really fit the person is fun and helps me to feel there is more meaning behind the gift rather than just simply buying something.  In my mind, a well thought out gift communicates “I know you, I love you, and I appreciate you.”  And sometimes, it says, “here, you should have this adorable overpriced item because everyone deserves a splurge sometimes” :)!!

Kelli and I teamed up to provide you with a mostly handmade gift guide!  Even if the item pictured isn’t quite what you’re looking for, check out these shops for the variety of items they offer!  If you do see something you like, be sure to check it out right away as some of these small shops have order cut-offs in the next week or two if you want to receive your item before Christmas!

Kids What should I buy my kids this year for Christmas?


1. Wooden Memory Game – Winter is coming, right!? This is a small game that takes up little space. My ten month old can’t chew the cards to pieces, and we can play this over and over again.

2. Wooden People Number Matching Set – Both fun and educational!!  I know my little guy would love playing with these little people as “worker men” when he’s not matching up their colors and numbers!

3. Personalized Cloth Doll – Someday, if I ever have a little girl, she’ll have a personalized dolly to carry around (even though it probably won’t be the one she chooses to love on).  I thought this little rosy cheeked girl was so sweet.

4. Little Me Dress Up Plates – I first saw these plates on Tot School (check it out for great ideas for teaching your kids at home!).  These plates can be personalized for both girls and boys and make eating a bit more fun.

5. Travel Tic Tac Toe Set – Because this is just the most adorable tic tac toe game ever! Not only can this be taken on road trips, but this can be played while waiting for doctor’s appointments or hair cuts.

6. Felt Breakfast Set – we are big breakfast eaters around here and this cute set definitely caught my eye.  If breakfast isn’t your thing, check out the other food options she has for hours of imaginative play.

7. Giant Coloring Roll – Although my kids are a bit small for the coloring that this entails, I think this would be such a fun scene to have set up in your home!

What should we get our mom? What should I buy my sister? Gift guide for thirty to four year old women.


1. Phone Case – BariJ has absolutely beautiful designs.  Scroll through her designs on the Casetify site to see what best fits your style.  They even come in floral monograms.

2. Comfy Fun Tee – If you’re going to dress casual and comfortable, you might as well look cute doing it.  I love the baseball tee style!  Check out the rest of the shop for other options.

3. Scripture Memory Pocket Pack from She Reads Truth – Have you heard of She Reads Truth?  If you’re wanting to spend time in God’s Word every day but not sure what to read, check out their daily Bible reading plans!  I have these little memory cards and not only are they super helpful in memorizing verses, but they are made out of a really soft to the touch sturdy paper with beautiful designs.

4. Plum Colored Essie Nail Polish – Is anyone else really loving the plums and purples everywhere these days?! I can’t pull it off in my home decor, so nails are the next best option.

5. Feather Necklace – He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. Psalm 91:4. Can anyone else besides me use this reminder around your neck?

MomsOfLittles. What do I get a mom with little kids?

Moms of Littles

1. Baby Friendly Necklace – I have one of these from Jones Design Market, and I would HIGHLY recommend them. Love it!

2. Winter Hat – If we are going to play outside in the snow all winter with our kids, we should at least look cute.

3. Personalized Stacking Rings – I personally have picked out several necklaces to have monogrammed with our kids’ initials; however, I’ve been hesitant to order one without knowing how many kids we’ll have.  I love that these rings only have one child per ring!

4. Messy hair headband – Because do you have time to do your hair every day with a three year old and a ten month old? 🙂

5. Let’s Be Homebodies Print – If you’re a mom of littles, you may have turned into a homebody :).  Help her celebrate staying home with a cute print.

6. Starbucks Gift Card – Does this even need an explanation?!

7. Stud Earrings – Studs are about the only way to go when you have little ones tugging on everything you’re wearing.  Check out these rose-gold druzy earrings for a little extra sparkle!

What do you buy for the person who has everything? Christmas guide for the hard one to buy for.

The Person Who Has Everything

1. Personalized Stationery Set – My mom is so great about writing notes to people.  I sent her this set monogrammed in her initial as a gift last year.  Even if the person on the receiving end isn’t a card writer, check out this shop for an assortment of journals or list-making tools.

2. Custom String Art – I’ve seen several different string artists and the maker behind this shop is super talented!!  Check her shop out for ideas of what you could have her make for you!

3. Maps Book – Have any big travelers in your life?  I gifted this book to my traveler friend for her a birthday a couple years ago and she loved it.  This is a great coffee table book or a fun book to use for educational purposes with kids.

4. Natural Soap Scrub – Soap is a great idea for someone who has everything because its a disposable item..once its used, its gone.  Look for fun scents or natural ingredients that remind you of the person you’re buying for!

5. Apple Chart Illustration – A quirky print can make such a small statement in someone’s home.  Something like this is fun to switch out for the seasons or leave up all year if its an interest.  Frame it or keep it super casual with a magnet on the fridge.

6. Personalized Wooden Block Family – I find these adorable!  This is such a simple, eclectic piece to add to someone’s home.

Gifts for men. What do I get a man for Christmas?


1. Leather Belt – A leather belt is a pretty safe gift..useful and nice looking.  Go with a standard shade and your recipient should be happy.

2. Travel Push Pin Map – This gift may be better suited for a husband or retiring dad or grandpa with lots of travel plans.  Mount this map and let them document their past and future travels!

3. iPhone Case and Wallet – Does the guy on your list always have his phone on him?  Now he can combine his phone and wallet into one!  You could even check into getting something like this monogrammed!

4. Amazon Gift Card – Sometimes guys are just tough to buy for.  When all ideas fail, go with an Amazon gift card.

5. Car Play T-Shirts – So fun!  Check out these matching shirts that provide lots of bonding time for father and son, uncle and nephew, grandpa and grandson, or big buddy and little buddy.

baby small business gift guide for baby


1. ‘When I grow up, I want to be me’ Sign – This is the cutest sign ever by Melissa Anne Company. Yes, we want our kids to grow to be their sweet selves.

2. Herringbone + Minky Burp Cloths – I think every parent uses burp cloths so they might as well be both functional and cute!

3. Triangle Blanket – Go trendy with this triangle blanket for the new little in your life.

4. Black and White Striped Lamb Hoodie – Comfy and cozy for either a baby boy or girl while still being classic and simple.

5. Wooden Teether iPhone – Are the parents big techie people?  Help them start their little one young on the iPhone.

6. ‘Let them be little’ Sign – A simple reminder for the big people in their life.  Cute and meaningful.

What did you think?!  See anything on here you want to add to your own list now?  Be sure to let us know if anything really caught your eye!  It’s fun to know what other people like too!

A Christmas or Birthday gift guide for men, women, kids.

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  1. Thanks for adding our World Push Pin Map to your gift guide! I love everything you’ve added on the list – I’m definitely considering some of these items for my own gift giving! 🙂

    1. Hey Kailey – thanks for stopping by! It was fun combining gifts we’ve received or given with great handmade ideas we found on Etsy. Your map was a great find – hoping my husband and I can document our family travels sometime on something like it!!

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