Christmas Story Printables

Posted by: Kelli

Did everyone find plenty of turkey last week? 🙂 We had THREE Thanksgiving dinners with family. It was fun, but by the end of it, I was a bit peopled out. I think the kids were too, but we were blessed to be able to see so much family in such a short time. Plus, we won’t be seeing much extended family at all for Christmas so it was good to get all the visiting in now.

With Thanksgiving over (whew, it flew by!), Christmas is popping up everywhere now! We have hit the stage in life where our two (almost three) year old is crazy excited about all the Christmas decorations. We love seeing his excitement and willingly drive the long way around the neighborhood so we can see more Christmas lights outside.

Free Printables of the Christmas story from the Bible.
I always do a massive amount of Christmas shopping online during Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. I try to get almost all of it knocked out in three days. And, I’d much rather do it from the calm of my own home instead of toting two little ones through stores.

I absolutely love giving gifts in our family. I am glad we haven’t gone the ‘no gift giving’ route yet for our family. That’s a great plan to consider, but for now, it’s fun exchanging gifts. As long as weather cooperates and plans go as expected, all three of us sisters will be home for Christmas morning together. We’ll gather at Mom and Dad’s, open stockings, eat a carb loaded breakfast of monkey pod bread, and then open way too many gifts.

Free Printables of the Christmas story from the Bible.
The Bible holds a special place in our Christmas gathering. Yes, like I said, we love exchanging gifts. My favorite part is watching people open up the gifts I give. I’m always excited for them to see what I picked out. But, we all cherish our relationship with Jesus knowing He chose to leave His throne and enter our world. His birth is a magnificent story of redemption, and we can’t celebrate Christmas without recognizing we have a greater reason to celebrate than just exchanging gifts.

Dad always takes time to read the Christmas story from Luke before we open gifts. It’s good for us to take a few minutes to remember our Savior’s birth.

Free Printables of the Christmas story from the Bible. I took some time last week to make some free prints to hang the story of Jesus’ birth in our home throughout the Christmas season. You can print these on card stock and cut them out. They are about a four by five inch print and there are seven of them meant to be strung on ribbon or twine to be displayed for Christmas.

We have ours hanging in the breakfast nook to talk about over our morning oatmeal for a few days. Then they will likely move to the mantle.

Free Printables of the Christmas story from the Bible.
If you’d like to print out the free printables for the Christmas story, you can click the links below and easily download the prints!

Do you have any traditions on how you keep the story of Jesus present in your home during the Christmas season??

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