Free Printable: Philippians 4:13

Posted by: Kelli

One of the greatest blessings in my life right now is living three and a half miles from my parents. I know. I’m 32 and still dependent on my parents. 🙂

Free Printable: Philippians 4:13But really, all you who have ever had little ones at home know that the days can be really hard. Really hard. There are days where I call my mom and ask her to swing by on her way home from the grocery store. She is often coming through right around 3:00 in the afternoon. The dreadful hour of the day. Is it like this at anyone else’s house? Three o’clock rolls around, and boom! Everyone falls to pieces until dad walks through the door. My mom stops by and everyone calms down.

Then there are the really hard days. You know. The days you don’t call your mom (or anyone else for help) because you just don’t want to see anyone and it’s almost easier to wallow in pity. It’s these kinds of days where I am even resistant to asking the Lord for grace.

Free Printable: Philippians 4:13These are those days it takes absolutely everything out of me to not snap at my children. My precious precious little children. I find myself getting so angry that I don’t want to ask for help because I think being angry will bring me greater joy.

The truth is, with the help of my Savoir, He can offer the strength I need to calm down. He can provide the joy I need to restart my day. He can provide the peace that passes all understanding.

Click the links below to enjoy this eight by ten inch reminder of turning straight to the Lord when trial strikes. Small or big. He gives us strength.



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