A Big Wooden Letter ‘R’

Garage Sale Find

You may have read that we love garage sales around here! Home decor is something great to shop for at garage sales. I recently found this wooden letter ‘R’ at a garage sale (it was actually my next door neighbor’s garage sale…is it good neighbor etiquette to buy their unwanted home decor??) for just a buck. Our last name starts with ‘R,’ and I couldn’t pass it up.

Garage Sale FindIt started out orange. Despite the fact that we have an orange bathroom in our home, orange is not really my color. I found some white paint we already had on hand. It took me maybe fifteen minutes to get it painted. Painting over orange with white paint required two coats.

This was a quick project that brightened our breakfast nook up a bit. Sometimes buying used can be fun and inexpensive. This time it brought a small change in our home for a very small price and very little time.

Garage Sale Find

2 thoughts on “A Big Wooden Letter ‘R’

  1. Nothing better than a great garage sale or thrift store find! I’ve been looking for a big H, Haha! I love the cupcake bakery sign you have up. Did you make that? It’s really cute!

    1. Thanks Kris! I did not make the cupcake sign. It was a spur of the moment clearance purchase from Hobby Lobby about two and a half years ago. Good luck finding a big H, and thanks for stopping by!

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