Garage Sale Edition #2: A Reupholstered Bench

Last summer I found this bench at our neighbor’s garage sale. Is that proper neighbor etiquette? To buy home decor from your neighbor? I also bought my big white ‘R’ from my next door neighbor. I guess I like their tastes. 🙂

I bought this bench for $5.00. It was too inexpensive to pass up. I liked the clean and simple lines of it too.

Before and After: Entry way Bench

Everything was off white about this bench. The dated fabric was a dingy off white and the paint was an old creamy floral type white.

DIY Entry Way Bench

I took everything apart. I wiped down the bench, did some very light sanding, and painted the wood white. We had some green foam leftover from some benches we upholstered in our playroom. We pieced it together and used it to add some new cushion to the bench.

Since I was recovering the bench in a white fabric, I added two layers of batting between the green foam and the white fabric. This green foam easily shows through light colored fabric. Take note before you staple on the new fabric!

Reupholstered bench.

This bench went everything white. White paint on the legs and white fabric with lazy gray flowers on the fabric. This will be a great versatile bench for a bedroom, an entry way, or extra seating when company comes over.

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