Happy New Year!

Hi friends!

If you are anything like us, you probably didn’t make it to midnight last night! I don’t know when we ended up so old, but midnight just isn’t as appealing as it used to be. I hope you all had a wonderful 2015!

Many of you following know that we launched our blog in June of last year. We’ve been around for just a short six months now. If you are new here, you can see below our best posts of 2015. These were the most viewed by all of you! Enjoy. (Links are found below the image.)

You can expect to see lots more from us in 2016!

Best Posts for 2015

Ten People who may Enjoy your Christmas Cookies this year  |  Fabric Washi Tape  |  Homemade Burp Cloths  |  An Inexpensive Alternative to Gold Foil  |  My first Isosceles Triangle Quilt  |  Upgrading a Barnlight Pendant  |  Aperture: How to get that Blurry Background in Pictures  |  Homemade Egg Noodles  |  Chocolate Crinkles Recipe

Happy New Year, friends!

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