Heading South Quilt Pattern & Some Autumn Pillows

Hi friends,

The weather has turned, the leaves are beautiful, the children have been sleeping in late, I’m reading a great book called When Children Love to Learn, I have found time to continue quilting, and we have a healthy baby growing inside me.


We have also been super busy lately, the kids have been up in the night (almost every night), I’m stressing about the only four maternity shirts I have that I like, and I find myself too cold on our daily walks right now.

I wouldn’t change our lives. Many blessings yet many hard times.


A few posts back, I linked to some new plaid pillows I had listed in my Etsy shop. I was pleasantly surprised when they all sold fairly quickly. Little blessings like that are fun for me and my little online presence. 🙂

I listed two more of the most popular flannel ones:

Plaid & Flannel Pillow Cover. Gray and Creamy White.
I also listed one more of my autumn inspired color block pillow covers. These have been a joy to sew. I love the colors yet they are a simple clean lined pillow cover.

Fall Home Decor. Color Block Pillow. Fall Color Palette.This will be the last of my autumn colored pillow covers. 🙂 Because Christmas is just around the corner, right?

Fall Home Decor. Color Block Pillow. Fall Color Palette.

I also finally started a quilt pattern I purchased months ago. It’s Heading South by Material Girl Quilts.

Heading South by Material Girl Quilts

Yellow  |  Gray Text  |  Green Trees  |  Orange Butterflies  |  Blue Newsprint

Navy Newsprint Fabric by Carrie Bloomston
I find myself drawn to fabrics with text on them often. I used this text print in a different colorway over a year ago in my low volume quilt, and I found it again in navy. It a newsprint fabric by Carrie Bloomston, and I am seeing it is getting harder and harder to find.

Heading South by Material Girl Quilts, Quilt Pattern

Hopefully the top will be done by the end of November. I’ve been quilting now since 2007, but with every new pattern, I learn lots.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. 🙂

Fall Inspired Fabric, Heading South Quilt Pattern

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