Heather Ross’ Scattered Floral Fabric

I told you yesterday that last week was the week for buying fabric. Yes, indeed, it was. I have plans for a vintage inspired floral star quilt, and once I got started, I realized I needed a few more fabrics if I were to execute like I intended. I had remembered some floral fabric I’d seen a while back on Instagram, and I went on a hunt to find it.

As usual, the line was from a couple years ago, and the fabric was hard to find. It’s called Scattered Floral by Heather Ross. It was part of her Tiger Lily line. After checking all my go-to shops, I happened to stumble across a few yards left in an Etsy Shop. I had never puchased from ShopInTheMaking, but their service was great…even considering I messed up my order twice. They were willing to refund and ship the yardage I wanted instead of what I ordered. 🙂

(yellow floral and pink floral)

If you are on the hunt for Scattered Floral yardage, you may want to get some while you still can. This shop still has a bit left of the pink and yellow colorways. It’s a bit vintage inspired in my mind. It was perfect for adding into my orange, pink, and yellow star quilt.

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2 thoughts on “Heather Ross’ Scattered Floral Fabric

  1. Oh my–you are rally coming along with your patchwork quilting. So impressed! And I have some of the tiny floral. Have yet to use it–so if in need I may have your color! LOL

    1. Good to know I have back up fabric if need be. 😉

      Yes, about that patchwork…I learned something a few months ago about my quarter inch seam and it’s changed everything for me. I can actually sew more complex blocks without getting frustrated all the time. There’s a reason that step #1 to patchwork quilting is perfecting that quarter inch seam allowance. Yep, I’ve been sewing for seven years now…with too big of a seam allowance. Unbelievable.

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