The last post I wrote was before summer had started. Now summer has almost ended!! It has been difficult for me to set aside the blog, and Instagram, and my Etsy shop for a few months now.

Setting it all aside was a bit necessary while my body needed lots of extra rest. My first two pregnancies were really difficult during first trimester and this one has proved no different.

Breakfast nook

We are excited and thankful for another little one growing inside! I’m grateful, too, that I have the energy again to start up my sewing machine and find some time for creating and making.

I can’t leave here today yet, though, without mentioning that my husband has been a trooper doing all the grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning since early June…when the nauseousness hit full force. He’s a blessing. And we are both thankful I have the energy to empty the dishwasher again. 🙂

I’ll be back soon!

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