Numbers 6:24-26 Free Printable

Free Printable of Numbers 6:24-26
Numbers 6 24 26 Free PrintableLast week at church my pastor referenced a prayer in the book of Numbers. He talked about praying it over his children every night. After nights of praying this prayer over and over, his son would start requesting it saying, “daddy, peace, daddy, peace.” My husband and I can completely relate. Our sons says, “daddy, song, daddy, song.” Singing before bed or in the middle of the night brings comfort to our son. It’s what we have done since he was born.

While I have not made it a habit of praying this prayer over my children each night, my pastor reminded me of the preciousness of this particular passage of Scripture. I decided to make a free printable of Numbers 4:24-26. Hopefully one of the below colors will coordinate with your child’s bedroom.

Free Printable Numbers 4:24-26

You can choose from any one of the colors above. Just click the link below to choose your color and download it for free!


Free Printable. Numbers 6:24-26

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