Our Two Month Blogiversary

Posted by: The Striped Pearl

Blogging for two months.

We are two months into this adventure of owning a blog, and I have to say I am so thankful we decided to start up this little haven on the internet.

For me (Kelli) personally, I am taken aback with how much I have enjoyed the blog as a creative outlet. Of all the pros and cons I considered before starting a blog, this was not one of the pros on the list. If you haven’t noticed, I enjoy a bit of sewing in my life. I like to try to be creative. Before the blog, I did these exact same types of projects. Now I just get to take pictures as I go and blog about them. I love it, and I am thoroughly enjoying finding so many other bloggers out there who enjoy the same thing.

I have learned that Kristi is an amazing writer. If you find yourself laughing at any of our posts, you know you are reading one written by Kristi. She can crack me up and make me cry sweet tears all at the same time. I continue to look forward to her writing more and more about life’s sweet moments and life’s not so sweet moments.

Since we are doing this blog as a team of sisters, we are finding that we each write a bit differently. We each have a little bit different content to offer.

One of our goals at the forefront of our minds right now is making all of our posts more cohesive. We all have the same goal of using our days to live intentional lives. That looks different for each of us, yet it looks very much the same. We are learning to streamline our posts, and we are learning what works best for content on The Striped Pearl. We are learning that just because we have a great idea or can write a great post, the blog isn’t necessarily the best place for that content to be posted.

We continue brainstorming about simple products to offer, but we have to be realistic about how much we can handle in each of our respective stages in life. We want to enjoy writing and blogging and taking pictures. We don’t want to be burdened by writing and blogging and taking pictures. Maybe six months down the road, you will see a little shop open up here.

What else is on our ‘we need to improve this’ list? Well, we are slowly seeing our page views rise, and we find great satisfaction seeing those clicks go up. We like seeing our pins getting repinned every day. We are s.l.o.w.l.y gaining followers on instagram. Our Facebook page…well, that’s a differently story. It leaves a bit to be desired, but we will get there.

Our number one goal right now is to push out content that encourages our readers, challenges our readers, and inspires our readers. Hopefully we are accomplishing that task.

Have you been at this blog thing a while?  Any words of advice or encouragement?




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