Philippians 4:8 Free Printable

I had one of those days where things just weren’t going well.  Nothing horrible happened; it was just a combination of small things and a not good attitude on my part.  In an attempt to focus my heart on things that matter (and in turn to help my attitude), I applied Philippians 4:8 specifically to my life:

Free Printable. Philippians 4:8Whatever is true. I am a child of my Savior. He saved me by His grace, and He is coming again. I don’t know when, but I know Jesus is coming again.

Whatever is honorable. Every morning my husband gets up earlier than me, goes to work, provides for his family, and tells me to buy whatever I need with the money he has provided.

Whatever is just. After talking with his daddy, our two year old found a toy for his younger brother that he knew his little brother would really love. Teaching and shepherding children does have its sweet moments…usually after the hard moments.

Whatever is pure. My precious six month old thinks his mommy is the best and most important person in his life. Never again will his devotion be so pure and unwavering toward his mother. He, too, will grow up fast.

Philippians 4:8 Free PrintableWhatever is lovely. We have thousands of precious little little purple flowers blooming on our unruly yet very fragrant sage bush outside. God’s creation is beautiful.

Whatever is commendable. I watch Facebook posts scroll by one after the other about all the kids going back to school. I commend all the teachers who give so much time and effort to teach and train the next generation.

If there is any excellence. I pulled out some of my old college piano repertoire recently. While my skills have dwindled, I will always stand in awe of the music composers of the past have written. God has given some amazing gifts of composing to allow others to make beautiful music.

If there is anything worthy of praise. My two year old helped clean up his toys at his grandparent’s house today. He is not always good at this when I request this of him. He tried to park his tractors where they were supposed to go before we left.

Blessings always abound, but some days I don’t readily look for the blessings in my life. I’m thankful for the Word today that brought some encouragement to my life. I am reminded how abundantly full my life is.

Do you need a little encouragement?  What do you find today to be true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, or worthy of praise?  We’d love to hear some of your examples in the comments!

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