Robert Kaufman’s Sevenberry Stripes

Last week was a rainy one! Like, every day rain and no sunshine and mud outside everywhere. One day I may have actually encouraged my children to watch a movie instead of go outside just so I didn’t have to clean mud up one more time.

If there is no sunshine, I can’t take pictures. If I can’t take pictures, I can’t get any blog posts up. What’s the best solution?

Buy more fabric? Yes, indeed, that is the best rainy day afternoon solution.

Pink  |  Blush  |  Red  |  Tan  |  Yellow  |  Green  |  Light Blue  |  Royal  |  Navy  |  Black

(Bundle of Sevenberry Stripes)

You can’t go wrong with stripes. They’re perfect for just about anything. My only disappointment with this fabric was the yellow (wheat color). I wish it were a bit brighter. The pinks, though, were spot on. Beautiful!

I love the bundles SewStitchingHappy offers in her shop. I purchased these Sevenberry stripes by Robert Kaufman in a fat quarter bundle. Perfect for a small little stash!

Paired with some friendly sheep and an old Sweetwater text print, I’d say those stripes look nice.

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