Scripture Memory for Toddlers

Bible Verses for Toddlers

I like the term Tedd Tripp uses in his book Shepherding a Child’s Heart. He calls it a ‘Godward orientation.’ Here is how I explain a ‘Godward orientation…in my own words. My two year old may not understand why we pray before we eat dinner. He also does not understand who we pray to or why we are praying for what we do. My two year old does not understand the words ‘pray without ceasing,’ but he knows very well that verse from Scripture.

Even though my two year old doesn’t understand why we study the Bible, or why we pray, or why we go to church every Sunday, we are attempting to train him to have a Godward orientation. We want him to understand that Jesus, the Bible, that going to church, that praying, and that  memorizing Scripture is important in our family.

Memory verses for kids with free printable

I created some bunting months ago with some simple verses on them that most young children can memorize. My two year can’t recite all of them, but he knows a good bit of many of them. They have been helpful for me as I try to train my child to love Scripture. I thought you may enjoy them too.

Help yourself to these free printables with Bible verses for your children!

Free Printable - Bible verses for kidsScripture memory for toddlersBible Memory verses for kids Bible memory verses for kids


These are intended to hang on some ribbon or twine line bunting (look at the picture at the very top for reference.) Be sure to only cut three shapes out of each sheet of paper. Then fold the shapes in half on the lines. Hope that makes sense. 🙂

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