Simple Entertaining – A Hot Dog Party

Posted by: Kari

I really enjoy planning and hosting events for people. It’s fun to come up with a plan and add creative touches to give it a bit more pizazz. One of my favorite events has been our Hot Dog Party. We’ve done it  a couple times and everyone loves it!

This is a great option for any holiday picnic or party (Labor Day is coming soon!) or just a fun night with friends! The first time we did it was for a Fourth of July party – a great all-American theme. Most recently, we did it for a softball party – again, a perfect food choice.

A party theme for Labor Day Weekend. Hot dog party.
The Hot Dog Party is fun because it gives plain old hot dogs a creative twist by offering guests lots of yummy toppings to choose from. We use fun signs to offer combination suggestions to create well known styles of hot dogs.

A party theme for Labor Day Weekend. Hot dog party.
This idea is pretty easy to execute (especially with the signs already done) but it does take a bit of time to prep. We did eight different combinations: All-American hot dog, chili cheese hot dog, surf hot dog, Frito hot dog, Chicago hot dog, North Carolina hot dog, and New York style hot dog. You can always do fewer options for less prep.

A party theme for Labor Day Weekend. Hot dog party.
First, plan the basics for your party. Choose a date and location and invite your guests. Then decide which combinations you are going to offer for your party. As I said, we used eight options. You can do fewer or you can add more of your own.

A party theme for Labor Day Weekend. Hot dog party.
Next, make a list of all the ingredients (and tableware) you need to purchase. After shopping, you’ll need to prepare all the toppings. Most of them can be prepped a day in advance, but some will need to be heated before serving. It takes time to do the chopping. Turn on some music or a good movie and get to work!

We recommend grilling the hot dogs as your guests are arriving.

A party theme for Labor Day Weekend. Hot dog party.
Presentation Tips: The signs provided are red, white, blue, and black. They’re designed to be printed on a standard size sheet of card stock. Fold them in half into a little tent and stand them up on the table next to the applicable ingredients for each hot dog combo.

If you like to color coordinate, use red or blue tablecloths and clear or white bowls for all the toppings. Wrap you silverware with a matching colored napkin and tie them with twine or ribbon for another fun touch. It’s helpful to use a long table to serve the toppings on so that people can walk around the table to see the vast array of options.

Click on the links below for the different style hot dog signs.  If you want both sides of your tented paper to have a hot dog description on it, just re-load the paper back into your printer and print again.

Enjoy!  Let us know if you host a hot dog party and how it went over with you guests!

Ingredients for a hot dog bar and buffet. Great food for hosting. Hot dog party.

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