Six great Books for Two Year old Boys

Books for Two Year Old BoysWe read and read and read  in our house. I love it. I want to instill a love for reading in my two boys, and I figure one way to accomplish that is to start small. We have read the 400 page Complete Anthology of Curious George (more than once) with our two year old, but I think short fifteen page books can be very beneficial in shaping a young mind.

Here are my top favorite (currently) books for my two year old. I picked these six for two reasons. First, I enjoy reading them to my son. Second, he enjoys listening to them. They have been his ‘go-to’ books over and over again.

1. Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle

‘Horn went beep, engine purred, friendliest sound you ever heard.’ These are the first lines of this book. We have the cardboard edition. The entire book is rhythmic and rhymes well. It is fun to read.The Little Blue Truck is the main character. He rounds up all his animal friends to help push the big and rude dump truck out of the mud. At the end of the book, the little blue truck and the grateful big dump truck are friends.

2. Build, Dogs, Build by James Horvath

‘Here’s the building, all crumbled and cracked. We’ll knock it down quickly with a couple of whacks.’ This book, as well, is written with rhythm and rhyme. This book takes place at a construction site. The team of dogs (the construction workers) have the responsibility to tear down an old and crumbly building. Then they must build a new building in its place. My son’s favorite part of this book is finding the black cat on every page.

3. EIEIO How Old MacDonald Got His Farm by Judy Sierra

‘ “Cheer up, Mac,” said the Little Red Hen. “You’ll never mow the lawn again.”‘ Old MacDonald doesn’t like mowing his yard. He attempts to solve his problem by buying a goat, but the goat seemed to make things worse. So Mac bought a hen. The hen devises a plan and turns his yard into small farm. In the end, Mac doesn’t have to mow anymore because he has a farm. This book is a rhythm and rhyme book. Some of the illustrations in this book make me laugh out loud.

4. Big Thoughts for Little People by Kenneth N. Taylor

‘B is for behave. It means doing what is right. Be happy and helpful. Do not argue or fight.’ This book goes through each letter of the alphabet offering some kid friendly advice to your child. The author expounds upon the short opening poem for each letter, but my two year old doesn’t quite have the patience to sit through each explanation. Taylor, the author, also ties an applicable verse to each letter of the alphabet. What my two year old loves MOST about this book, though, are the pictures. The pictures have lots going on in them. For example, on the ‘B’ page, a group of people are playing and standing on a beach. There is an umbrella, lady bugs, balloons, boats, birds, an ice cream cart, dogs, and flowers to name a few. My son likes finding the lady bugs found on every page.

5. Monster Machines on the Farm by Agnes Vandewiele

This book is a large cardboard book full of farm equipment. Each picture contains (sometimes detailed) explanations of each piece of equipment. The book varies. For example, one page consists of one tractors and many of its implements. This includes the harrow, cultivator, plow, subsoiler, and rollers. Each of these implements comes with a brief explanation. Another page is full of information on the tree shaker, the bean harvester, the apple gatherer, the leek harvester, and the grape harvester. My sons favorite page is the milking parlor since his grandpa is a dairy farmer.

6. Z is for Moose by Kelly Bingham

This is another alphabet book. Zebra and Moose are the main characters. Zebra is giving a running commentary of what each letter of the alphabet stands for. Moose is so excited to get to the letter M (because ‘moose’ starts with M), but the Zebra decided to go with ‘mouse’ is for M this time. Needless to say, Moose is very disappointed. During the second half of the book, Zebra must protect all his letters from the gentle wrath of the moose. On the final page, Z stands for Zebra’s friend Moose. All are happy again. My son loves an excited and animated reading of this story.

Books for two year old boys

What are your favorite books for two year old boys?

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