The Best Frosting Recipe for Sugar Cookies

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Over six years ago, I spent my first Christmas with my husband’s family. It was a good first Christmas with his family. I remember they spoiled me like crazy with a whole bunch of quilting supplies. I had just taken an interest in quilting, and they gave me everything I needed to get started. It was a typical first time Christmas where you kind of begin understanding the dynamics of a new family. You begin to learn things that you don’t pick up on until you spend three days with the same people.

The best sugar cookie frosting recipe. Crisco and Butter.

It was around this time when I started to understand the importance of a good cookie. My husband’s side of the family kind of just emanates good cookie-baking skills.

My mother-in-law had treats everywhere at Christmas. She can bake cookies like no one else (and, my husband inherited those genes…yay for a cookie baking husband!). You could walk into her kitchen at any time and find four different kinds of cookies, pumpkin roll, whoopie pies, caramels, toffee, and much more that I’m forgetting. It was around this time I also learned I would probably never be baking cookies again.

(I actually tried making chocolate chip cookies one time after we were married. Half way through, my husband couldn’t handle it. He took over.) Seriously.

I am very much okay with my husband’s cookie baking endeavors and quickly relinquish my rights to the kitchen anytime dessert needs to be made. 🙂

The best sugar cookie frosting recipe. Crisco and Butter.
Yesterday, though, I whipped up some of my mother-in-law’s frosting. We were having some other little friends over to decorate cookies (that my husband and two year old baked) for a family who needs a bit of encouragement. You may be able to tell from the pictures that we used lots of frosting. Yes, lots and lots of frosting.

Three little girls came over to decorate cookies with our two little boys. It was a lot of fun, and we gave the kids some freedom as they decorated. They mixed their own colors and the older girls used small squeeze bottles similar to these to make different patterns.

The best sugar cookie frosting recipe. Crisco and Butter.
We used this time as an opportunity to teach the kids a little about serving. We have some other friends going through a crazy hard trial right now as their grandpa is close to meeting Jesus. We know cookies can’t make anything better, but we were able to send some cards and use the cookies as an expression of encouragement. Hopefully our gifts brought a smile to their faces during this hard time of grieving.

The best sugar cookie frosting recipe. Crisco and Butter.
While I may not recommend using quite as much frosting as is creatively piled on the cookies above, I do highly recommend this recipe. It’s very simple and it freezes on the cookie really really well.

My mother-in-law’s frosting recipe:

1/2 Cup Butter
1/2 Cup Shortening (Crisco)
1 tsp Vanilla
1/4 Cup Milk
1 lb (4 Cups) Powdered Sugar

Set your butter out to come to room temperature. Mix all the ingredients. Beat on high for five to seven minutes.

Let us know if you try it out! It’s delicious on sugar cookies, but I also recommend making graham cracker sandwiches with the leftover frosting. 😉

The best sugar cookie frosting recipe. Crisco and Butter.

the best frosting recipe for sugar cookies. Frosting good for freezing.


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