The Willow Market’s Eight Month Blogiversary

Happy Monday friends!

Eight months! Soon our blog will be one year old! Our one year anniversary will come sooner than I think. My perspective has completely shifted about my blog and my goals and where I had hoped to be after one year. I will write a bit more about that at the one year anniversary.

For now, here is what is on my heart and mind right now as I continue to write. The blog is growing, and I am excited.

Eight Month Blogging Anniversary.1. Newsletter. A couple weeks ago, Peter and I learned the value of starting a newsletter for the blog. The first one went out last week, and I was able to offer all my subscribers a set of 30 Scripture cards. One of the greatest blessings of blogging has been ‘meeting’ other women who share a love of beauty, grace, creativity, and a love for Jesus. I was thankful for the opportunity to offer my subscribers a gift.

If you are interested in subscribing, you can do so in our sidebar or at the top of the page.

2. Verse cards. The Scripture cards I mentioned above are pictured below. The next ten subscribers will also be offered a set. I’d love to mail another ten out! They are small two and a half by three inch business sized cards with one encouraging verse after another. They are a completely random array of colors. (I will contact you by the end of the week if you are one of the first ten to subscribe.)

They are perfect for using for memory, passing along to a friend, or for taping up for decoration.

Scripture memory cards. Bible verses.

3. Kristi. With change comes some joy and some fear. Blogging has been on my mind for over three years, and I finally mustered up enough courage to start this blog last June…with the help of Kristi (my sister) at my side. She was excited to support me, and help me, and bear some of the work it takes to get a blog up and running well. Kristi is off starting another adventure right now and won’t be writing anymore for this blog. You will be the first to know if her dreams pop up online…or if they will remain a bit quiet in her home.

4. Peter. For the last seven or so months, Kristi and I talked on the phone almost every day about the blog, it’s progress, and where we wanted to see it go. As she moves onto other adventures, Peter (my husband) will be helping me more. He has taken over almost all the technical work (since I am NOT gifted in that area.) You may also see him offering his expertise on DIY posts here and there. I’m thankful (super thankful) for his support, perseverance, and knowledge.

5. Etsy. Yes, I am going to take a step of courage and open an Etsy shop. I wanted to have it open a week and a half ago, but everything takes a bit longer than expected. If you like any quilts, projects, blankets, and other creations here on the blog, you may enjoy my (coming soon!) Etsy shop too!

13How to sew a baby blanket. April Rhodes Arid, Arizona Line. Aztec baby blanket.

6. Family. Now that the blog is more a reflection of our little family of four, you may see a bit more of our homelife showing up here on the blog. I must admit that it is difficult to blog about life and not talk about the kids. They are our world right now, and they are a part of everything.

What have we learned after seven months of blogging?

7. You. I truly wish we could sit and chat over coffee. I am a one on one type person, and that is where I thrive best. I’d love to have you email me and share a bit about you. What do you love to do? How do you spend your free time? Are you working on a new skill? What do you wish to learn to do in the coming year?

Please email any feedback and thoughts you have to offer. I value you and am thankful for each one who stops by this little haven on the internet.

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