Three Month Blogiversary

three month blogging anniversary.

I (Kelli) was just able to spend the last week in person with Kristi, her two precious boys, and her husband. While Kari and I live in the same town, Kristi and her family live half the US away. 🙁 The times with her family are few, but they are cherished.

We made some time to sit and chat in person about the blog. The conversations were good…especially since all other conversing is done over the telephone or Facetime.

We have been at it for three months now. We talked a lot about the successes we have had in the few short months we have been blogging. We talked about how to reach other women and what kind of women. We talked a bit about where the blog is heading and what kind of posts are being viewed the most.

We never once talked about stopping. We want to keep writing and taking pictures. We want to keep sharing.

We continue exploring other blogs and looking at content and strategies. We sometimes have a hard time finding our path because SO MANY paths have already been taken in the blog world. We look at other blogs for inspiration and ideas, but we have to filter all that out when we look for direction for our blog. We need to stay focused on our path as we try to find our route.  We are trying to stay focused on what we find successful.

Successful. That word, in and of itself, is a bit puzzling. What defines ‘success’ in our eyes? We are still kind of determining that as we weave our way to our focal point.

Here are a few things we do know: We don’t want to be a decorating blog. We don’t want to be a crafting blog. We don’t want to be a sewing blog. We don’t want to be a mommy blog.  We don’t want to be a money-saving blog.

We want to ENCOURAGE other women. We think creativity is good, fun, and beautiful, and we enjoy sharing that side of our lives. We want others to know that our faith in Jesus Christ is paramount to the lives we lead. Because we are living with eternity in view, we want to be intentional with our days and our time.

Much of the last few months have also been spent trying to understand the internet and search engines. While having a huge audience is not a primary goal, we still want to find readers; community is a good thing. We are evaluating what posts are read most by those finding our blog. We are determining how often to post each week and what kinds of posts fit best with the responses we are receiving from readers.

Thanks for sticking with us as we continue on our journey of blogging. We are enjoying it lots! And, we hope you are here reading because you have found something somewhat interesting or inspiring in our pages.

Since everyone was in the same ten mile radius last week, we ran out and took a few pictures. Here is the most recent one of the three of us sisters. 🙂

Three month blogging anniversary.

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