Three Simple Projects to Make with Your Pom Poms

Well, it’s been pom pom week here on the blog and on Instagram, and I’m here to finish out the week with three simple projects you can make from your handmade pom poms! I have really enjoyed the simplicity of making them; they don’t take brain power, and they don’t take long to make – which is perfect for my sleep-deprived self. I don’t know why I didn’t start experimenting with them sooner.

Remember, these projects are perfect if you’re looking for a handmade project with a small time commitment and minimal up front costs.

With that being said, instead of aimlessly filling a big glass canister with these fun and addicting little white pom poms, I decided to put them to use around our home.

Option #1 – Pom pom Garland
First up is making pom pom garland. Garland is probably the most obvious (and fun!) way to use homemade pom poms.  In the example below, you’ll see that I hung my garland in our in-progress entryway.  Some other places you might consider hanging pom pom garland: along the mantle, over your curtains or curtain rods, in a kid’s bedroom, along a banister, or above a gallery wall.  Also, if you want to plan ahead, think Christmas decorations!  Or any holiday that you want to add a festive touch.

Homemade pom poms
Yarn needle
Two finishing nails

1. Nail two finishing nails (1 1/2 inches long) into the drywall. Loop your yarn around the nails to determine how much yarn is needed.

How to make pom pom garland.
2. Thread approximately a foot of yarn through the yarn needle and begin stringing your pom poms. Attempt to sew right through the loop you tied when creating your pom poms. This will guarantee your pom pom won’t fall off the yarn.

How to make pom pom garland.
Keep going until you have enough pom poms to fill your garland. While the pom poms are not overly delicate, the more you move them around and slide them up and down the yarn, the more likely a few pieces will begin falling out of the pom poms.

How to make pom pom garland.
3. Once you have all your pom poms on the yarn, make a little loop to hang on the nail. This completes your garland.

How to make pom pom garland.

Option #2 – Pom pom Tree
If stringing garland isn’t your thing, maybe try making a pom pom tree. Here is an opportunity to bring a little nature inside.  If you want extra color, you could spray paint your twigs or branches as well.

Homemade pom poms
Twigs gathered from outside

1. Gather some fairly narrow sticks and trim them to a good height for a vase.

How to make a pom pom tree.
2. Spread apart the pom pom until you find where they are cinched in the middle. Carefully poke it on top of the twig.  Repeat for as many or as few as you like.

How to make a pom pom tree.

Option #3 – Pom pom Letter
And if you are looking for a bit less whimsical, maybe creating your name’s initial is a good fit for you.  This could be fun in a bedroom, as part of a gallery wall, or just a simple textured piece to include in about any room.  You could also spell out a short word like dwell, cozy, dine, or play for just a few ideas!

After seeing my completed letter, I told my husband that I found the trick to creating shag carpet. 😉

Homemade pom poms
Card board
Scissors and / or X-acto knife
Glue gun

1. Cut a desired letter out of thick cardboard using scissors and an X-acto knife (Peter did this part for me). He traced a letter ‘R’ that we already had on hand. Another good idea is to print off a letter in your favorite font, cut it out of computer paper, and trace it on to the cardboard.
Making letters out of pom poms.
2. Glue the pom poms onto the letter.

Making letters out of pom poms.
Glue the pom poms fairly close together to avoid the cardboard peeking through the pom poms.  And you’re done!

Making letters out of pom poms.
If you are leery about making so many pom poms, be sure to check out the post from earlier this week. You will see they are very simple to make.

Sometimes when you’re in the mood to create something handmade for your home, its difficult to find a good place to start.  Any of these are great projects if you want to start and finish something in one day!  And if you do try any of these out, let us know how it went!

Projects and things to make with homemade pom poms.

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    1. Hi Bethany, thanks for stopping by! I had seen the pom pom trees in a few different places and wanted to try it after going on my recent pom pom rampage. 🙂 Enjoy your week!

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