Tire Track Art: A Craft Project for a Two Year Old

Tire track art. A craft project for a two year old.
Today was one of those days where the afternoon dragged on F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Since I knew it was going to be hot today, going outside during the afternoon heat was going to be a last resort for me.

We did this simple project at the library a couple weeks ago. I will be honest and say I thought it was kind of a silly project when the library worker gave the craft instructions for the day. I figured my son would participate for a few minutes and be done, but all the children at the library loved this craft.

Since today’s afternoon was begging for some activity, we replicated our library craft at home today. This one took about thirty minutes from start to finish. (not including the ‘car wash’ in the sink.)

Art SuppliesSupplies:
1. A car, truck, or tractor with some sort of tire tread. The little lego car tires work great for this.
2. Kids’ paint. We used finger paint at home. We used tempura paint at the library.
3. A paper plate for the paint.
4. Paper. I used large floor mat paper for this one (since we used a somewhat large truck for the painting.) Computer size paper will work just fine if you are using a smaller match box type car for this project.

The rest is somewhat self explanatory. Drop some paint onto the paper plate. Your two year old can roll his car or truck around in the paint on the plate. Then they move the car to the paper and drive it around. The paint leaves the tire tread pattern on the paper.

Tire tread art project for a two year old.

Tire Tread Art Project for a two year old

Tire Tread Art Project for a two year old.

Tire Tread art Project for a two year oldAfter we finished driving around in the paint, I allowed Case to fill the sink with bubbles to take his truck to the car wash. Anything with water and bubbles will keep my child occupied for quite some time!

Be sure to leave some comments with links to your favorite projects for your two year olds!

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