Triangle Garland for Valentine’s Day Decoration

(Pink Triangle Garland)

I’m not sure where to attribute my new love for pink, but maybe it’s the thought of three little boys running around our house. My husband even made the comment yesterday that he’s noticing pink slipping into quilts and home decor more than he’s ever seen before.

Possibly it’s my solace among the legos, tractors, trains, and cars that dominate our home right now.

Either way, I had been holding onto this fabric for a possible little pink nursery, but instead, I have the privilege of adding a bit more blue to our home any day now.

Here is the tutorial I used to sew this bunting.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I have plenty of reason to hang a little pink up on my mantle this week. One triangle bunting for me, and one for you…available here.

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