Vintage Inspired Fabric Pull

Top row: Maribel Dot Floral (Windham), Tiger Lily Cream Wreaths (Windham), Junebug Orange Pears (Dear Stella), Feedsack Flower Cluster in Yellow (Windham)

Bottom row: Tiger Lily Green Kittens & Yarn (Windham), Farm Girl Rose Trellis (Riley Blake), Eastham Bitter Medallion (Free Spirit), Strawberry Moon Honey Roseberry (Michael Miller)

blue & yellow floral  |  flowers in circles  |  pink pears  | yellow floral  | 
cats & yarn  | large pink & orange floral  | medallions  |  strawberry & floral

Life is in a phase right now where I have lots of works in progress and very few finishes. 🙂

Three boys ages four, two, and five weeks take up a lot of my time, but I’m trying my best to enjoy the giggles and smiles. I’m trying to paint my own pictures and build my own lego creations and create my own play dough sculptures right along side these boys. It’s not always my most enjoyable means of entertainment, but I don’t think I’ll regret the times growing and experiencing with them.

It’s a lot for me to blog and run an Etsy shop and post on social media and sew for pure enjoyment all in the same week. I’ve slowed down a bit and am trying to be okay with so much being ‘un-done’ right now…including the laundry!

Maybe in a couple months (or years!), I’ll get started on this vintage inspired quilt. I have the fabric, and I am contemplating using this pattern by Camille Roskelley.

When I bought these fabrics a couple months ago, they were all available at SewStitchingHappy, but it appears most of them are sold out there. This is one of my favorite shops, and I love her selection!

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2 thoughts on “Vintage Inspired Fabric Pull

  1. YOU are getting a TON done considering you have three little ones! The pillows you posted the other day made me again wonder where you find the time! I didn’t even consider a true outlet until my girls were 8 and 11. Perhaps because technology wasn’t what it is today. I was left to play with my girls, provide for my family in the home, and create in my free time by making our house a home. Doing some sewing for room decor or painting was the extent of it. Had there been technology I would have probably been overwhelmed. I also like to think that if I had known of blogs I would be making my living on that right now! Yes, I had that many projects–home, baking, sewing, crafting, children’s projects/games—oh I would have been good! Alas, this is not the path I took because I never used the computer. lol Anyway, you are doing great and bigger can come later if that is what you desire. Your work and media outlets are great!

    1. Kristin, you are so encouraging! I have to remind myself everyday to enjoy these little ones. I sit and think of all the projects I wish I could be doing sometimes, but I am so blessed to be able to spend so much time with these three boys. The ONLY reason I have any sewing time is because my husband knows I value that time, and he plans ahead so I have time on the weekends. I’m usually too worn out once everyone is in bed during the week to do any projects. I was so thankful to finish those pillow covers. It took me three weeks to do them. 😉 Sometimes I long for the day when I can sew while these boys play happily, but that time is not now. Until that day comes, we will continue spending days with legos and play dough and paint! 🙂

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