A Fabric Scrap Buster and a Homemade Birthday Card

Fabric Scrap buster; Homemade cards

I am not a good birthday person. I forget about them…all the time.

I have learned over the years, though, that it is very important for some people to celebrate birthdays. Now. Don’t worry. My husband is not upset that I forget his birthday every other year. Nor is he upset that I have forgotten our anniversary.

Last year, on my birthday, we were on the road heading to visit my in-law’s house for the weekend. Around mid-morning, about half way there, I exclaimed, “Hey! It’s my birthday today!”

Some silence ensued as my husband pondered whether it really was indeed my birthday or not.

It didn’t bother me even a smidgeon that he had totally and completely and utterly forgotton my birthday.

Well folks, this year I remembered my husband’s birthday. I remembered it so well, I actually bought his gift almost two weeks early. 🙂

Fabric Scrap Buster, Homemade Cards
While gifts are always nice to give, my husband and I have learned that giving gifts is not something we need to give on a regular basis. We both value well thought out words and intentional acts of service a bit more than gifts. So…next on my to-do list was a homemade birthday card for my husband. (with some well thought out words of appreciation.)

If you have a little experience sewing, these cards are very simple to make.

Fabric Scrap Buster; Sewing a homemade cardSupplies:
Sewing machine
Fabric Scraps
Card Stock
Letter stamps or really good hand writing

1. Take a piece of card stock and cut it in half.

Fold one of the half pieces in half. Using the center fold as a guide, draw an arc that meets up with the fold. One of our dinner plates worked perfectly. Draw lightly. The line will just act as a guide for sewing.

Fabric Scrap buster, Sewing a Homemade card
2. Using your fabric scraps, cut out some triangles. For this birthday card, I used three triangles. For the other cards pictured, I used four smaller triangles.

I also ironed over a small seam allowance for the triangles for my husband’s birthday card. On the other cards, I left the thread exposed (I think I like them better with the thread exposed).

Fabric Scrap Buster, Sewing a Homemade card
3. Using the pencil arc as a guide, sew your little triangle bunting onto your card stock. I recommend securing your stitch at the start and end, or you could probably use a tiny dab of hot glue if you’d rather not backstitch.

Note that it appears I am sewing my triangles upside down in the below picture. These are the triangles that I ironed a small seam allowance on. After stitching them, I folded the triangles back down so they were hanging towards the words on the card.

Fabric Scrap Buster, Sewing a Homemade Card
4. Once again, it is optional if you’d like to glue on a little baker’s twice as I did below.

Fabric Scrap Buster, Sewing a Homemade Card
5. For my husband’s birthday card, I preprinted some text on the card stock. I enjoy the card below a bit better with the stamped lettering. I like the look of an imperfect homemade looking card.

Fabric Scrap Buster, Sewing Homemade Cards
Good job for all you folks out there who remember birthdays. Now, if you are ever in need of a cute birthday card for your friends or family, you have some good inspiration. 🙂

If you make these, be sure to leave a link in the comments so we can see yours!

Sewing Homemade cards. A fabric scrapbuster.

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