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Blog Family PicHi there! I’m Kelli. I’m a somewhat introverted, sensitive, very observant mom of three boys. I am married to a Jesus loving and wife serving husband named Peter. That’s us. Pictured right there. I am an incredibly blessed wife.

We have decided to use this platform to chronicle our lives  bit by bit. We desire to use our time wisely and with intention. We desire to serve Jesus wholeheartedly and with every aspect of our lives. Here you will find our journey as we run a little home business on Etsy. You’ll see us breaking ground on a new path in life as we learn to homeschool our children. You will also see LOTS of modern quilt making, gardening, and homemaking along the way. You will also see bits of our home and what we are changing so it better reflects us and our changing family.

That is The Willow Market in a nutshell. If you care to read more about me, feel free to keep reading. 🙂

I like good, deep friendships. I can sit and chat for hours with the right ladies. Maybe I am a little awkward in conversation because I don’t do well with small talk. I ask a lot of questions when I don’t know someone well.

I have a degree in music. I love music. I have played piano since I was six years old, and I don’t have plans of stopping soon. I teach a few students at home duMe and my two year old son. ring the weekdays. My husband and I lead our church’s orchestra.

Like I said above, I like decorating our home. I sometimes struggle finding the balance between being completely content with what I have and finding new and fun changes I want for our home. I like perusing decorating blogs, but I am not a home decorator at heart.

I have sewn two queen sized quilts and numerous baby sized quilts. I love patchwork. I am still discovering new ways to use a love for sewing and quilting as a means of serving others. If you asked me what I enjoy doing in my spare time, my first response would probably be exploring new fabrics and sewing.


You would be less than impressed with the clothes I wear. If I am not going anywhere for the day, you will likely find me in something with an elastic waistband. I like wearing tennis shoes.

Ever since I was little, I have wanted to be a wife and stay at home mom. The Lord has been gracious to answer those prayers. I’m thankful He has given me my family for this time. I pray often for wisdom and discernment as God has given me my role as keeper of the home and life trainer for my little ones.

If you’d like to send me a note, you can email me at kelli (at) thewillowmarket.com. I’d really enjoy hearing from you.

12 thoughts on “About The Willow Market

  1. Hi Kelli! I just wanted to let you know that I love your creative bloggy/website! I aspire to have a beautiful site like yours. Sewing and being creative is where my heart is on my blog but I find it so hard to find the time with the kiddos and trying to create new content. That’s why I started to incorporate the kiddos into my blog. I love how clean a polished your site is. ITS BEAUTIFUL! good job!

    1. Hi Jenna, your site is beautiful! Thanks for the encouragement you left here. I completely understand trying to find the balance between creative endeavors and the blessing of raising children. It looks like you are doing a great job finding the balance! I’ll enjoy going back to your blog time and time again. 🙂

    1. Hi Pam! I just emailed you the bib template. I hope you find it helpful! And thanks for such a sweet comment. I’ve enjoyed posting here the last few years and connecting with so many friends who love to quilt and sew.

  2. Hi! Kelly,
    I want to make your bib for a great-grandcild arriving in July, please email me the template. I will be making a quilt & burp clothes as well.
    I appreciate your witness & love for the Lord!

    1. Hi dawsonmn1! Congratulations on a great grandchild coming in July!! So precious. 🙂 I just sent you an email with the template. Thanks for your comment and encouragement!

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