Colorful + Floral Inspired Wedding Shower Decorations (with Vintage Sheet Bunting)

Summery and colorful wedding shower. Live flowers. Centerpieces. Vinca flowers. Petunias. Vintage Pyrex.

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Decorating is not really my forte. I don’t have trouble picking out what I like, but the thoughts of coordinating and organizing and melding together are a bit intimidating. I love decorating my house because I can do what I like. I don’t have to worry about decorating rules or ensuring there is cohesiveness through all the rooms.

Despite some mild unsurety, I agreed to put some decorations together for a wedding shower. I think they ended up turning out okay even though my husband expressed a bit of concern at the randomness he was seeing among my centerpieces. He said the decorations were really a bit ‘too Kelli like’ for his ease.

He did end up acknowledging they all came together well. 🙂

I have no pictures to share of the finished room. These are all taken in my home where I was arranging the flowers. It ended up being a really great and creative project for me.

My initial plan included collecting random wild flowers from a few of my rural friends the morning of the shower. I would whimsically arrange them in vases for the centerpieces. As the shower date approached, this last minute arranging idea was not sitting well. I didn’t know which flowers would be in bloom and where I’d find these pretty flowers. And, I’ve never arranged flowers before.

Talking with a friend one evening, we came up with the idea to use little pots of flowers from a greenhouse. Wonderful! I hadn’t bought any flowers yet for my pots at home. I postponed buying them for the summer and waited until the shower.

On the Thursday before the shower, I went and bought a small variety of pink and yellow and white flowers. I bought about $30 worth of flowers for eight tables. I bought vinca flowers, impatients, petunias, and a big dahlia. I was careful to find ones with blooms already open and blooms ready to open. I hesitated a bit buying flowers two days in advance but with careful handling, they were just fine.

I mosied through my house looking for a few fun containers for the flowers. Since I didn’t have any matching pots or enough matching of anything, I decided my only option was to go a bit eclectic. I gathered a few small bowls I had acquired from Anthropologie. I found my blue Fiesta ware pitcher. I used the bottom half of an owl cookie jar I had just found at a garage sale. I also used some vintage pyrex from my grandmother.

My original goal was not to stay within a common color palette, but I had enough pieces with blues and greens that I just went with it. For the most part, I left the flowers in their little plastic containers. I used scraps of fabric in the bottoms of the containers to prop up the flowers or keep them steady. (Thank goodness I’ve hoarded completely unusable fabric scraps. They came in handy!) Here’s what the pots looked like before adding some grass filler.

Once I had the flowers balanced as I liked, I used some amazing real moss and grass type filler to make everything look pretty. This grass and moss made my life so much easier. I could just cut and trim and basically throw it all on top of the dirt and fabric scrap filler. It was great and I’d recommend using it if you need something to cover a bunch of flower arranging flaws.

I now use it on my pretty little hanging pot in our home because I couldn’t keep our maiden hair fern alive.

You can’t have a party without a bit of triangle garland or bunting, right? I know I’m likely ten years behind the trend, but I still think a bit of bunting is so festive. I used the same method as I taught in this tutorial, but I used 6 1/2 inch strips of fabric for larger triangles. Since I was decorating in a church lobby with high ceilings, I ended up making almost 100 feet of bunting! It still looked small and tiny way up high, but I was glad I made so much.

The bunting is all made out of strips of vintage sheets I have from previous projects. I also used a few strips of vintage sheets for wrapping around two containers like in the below picture. I wrapped it around nice and snug and then used a sewing pin at the bottom to keep it secure. Add a bit of grass and I had another centerpiece.

And my favorite? Just a few weeks ago, I picked up this owl cookie jar at a garage sale. The bottom half was perfect for a potted flower.

Hopefully this can inspire a bit of creativity for some relatively inexpensive decorations for a wedding or baby shower!

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