Heading South Quilt by Material Girl Quilts – A Flying Geese Quilt

Finishing a quilt is always a huge accomplishment for me. With two little boys and one on the way, my time for sewing and creating is somewhat limited. I’m thankful my three year old still rests most days during my one year old’s nap. The 1:00 to 2:00 hour is kind of precious to me since by evening much of my energy level has declined.

This is the Heading South Quilt by Material Girl Quilts. I bought the pattern a while back and finally bought some fabric a few months ago from Sew Stitching Happy.

(From Etsy) Yellow  |  Gray Text  |  Green Trees  |  Orange Butterflies  |  Blue Newsprint
(From Amazon) Yellow  |  Gray Text  |  Green Trees (Unavailable)  |  Orange Butterflies  |  Blue Newsprint (only the gray is left)

This pattern teaches you the no waste method of making the flying geese block. This was an excellent skill to learn! No more little unusable triangles for the scrap pile anymore!

If you have been following my site for very long, you may have noticed this quilt is a bit outside my normal realm of colors. I almost always stick to low volume fabrics and a true white background. I used Bella Eggshell for the background on this quilt. While this was a great experiment and time of learning for me, I have come to the conclusion to always use white backgrounds. I like the crisp and fresh feel of a true white. My go-to background fabric is Kona White.

When starting this quilt, I was inspired by all the autumn colors around me. By the time I was choosing a backing, I decided on the light and spring Sweet Autumn Day Gold Berries by Cloud 9. Thankfully, I still have plenty left over to still use in other projects.

This one will be stored away with the fall decorations. How exciting it will be to pull it out next October!

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2 thoughts on “Heading South Quilt by Material Girl Quilts – A Flying Geese Quilt

  1. Love it! And you get a lot done for a mom of two little boys. Tip that I did with my girls until they were about 3-4 and 6-7. We need “mama time” so it is called “my time”. When the littlest is asleep you have the older one go to their room as well and rest, read, etc. My older daughter would often end up falling asleep. Sometimes she would read or just lay on her bed and make up stories (and then sleep). It worked great and always allowed me a break mid-day.

    1. Hi Kristin! We do something very similar. 🙂 My three year old has ‘rest time’ during my one year old’s nap. He has to read books for 30 minutes and then gets to play in his bedroom for 30 minutes if he hadn’t fallen asleep. It’s usually a much needed mommy break for me. I love (really love) being home with my children, but not every day is easy. That down time is always a blessing. 🙂

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