Sewing with Robert Kaufman’s Mammoth Flannel

Iron & Cream  |  Heather & Red  |  Navy & Steel  |  Black & Maize
(Some of these are out of stock and getting harder to find.)

I have not sewn with too many mediums of fabric outside quilting cotton, but I did some impulse shopping one day at FabricBubb. I was immediately drawn to the plaids coupled with the flannel texture on Robert Kaufman’s Mammoth Flannels. (Amazon also carries all these flannels, but I purchased mine through FabricBubb.)

My favorite was the iron and cream combination, but I bought a variety with my Etsy Shop in mind. This winter, I sewed up some simple pillow covers with this flannel fabric, and they’ve been my fastest moving products so far.

The flannel was really no different than sewing with cotton fabric. It wasn’t like sewing with minky or gauze where I took special efforts to avoid slippage.

I had a bit of trouble with the pattern being square with the edge of the fabric. Since I was extra cautious about my pillow covers appearing non-wonky in my shop, I was making special efforts to use the plaid lines to square up my pillow. That proved a bit difficult at times.

After doing a bit of research before sewing with flannel, I learned that flannel has a greater shrinkage rate than cotton. Depending on your project, you may want to pre-wash your flannel.

I loved this fabric for the fall and winter months! I still have some gray and red for a Christmas tree skirt, and I saved some of the iron and cream colorway just because I like it so much.

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