White Ceramic Hanging Pot

You guys. My husband hit it out of the park this year with my Mother’s Day gift.

I think I had pinned this hanging indoor pot on last year’s Christmas list, and somewhere along the way Peter took note. His gifts have vastly improved over the years. One year he gifted me a toothbrush case and a lint roller. Two very necessary items he had noticed I didn’t own. Thoughtful, I think, yet quite unexpected.

(Berries for Bella)

I’ve continued to see greenery popping up everywhere in homes. While my husband and I have not figured out how to keep succulents alive, we have been successful thus far with our Maiden Hair Fern. Keep it watered and in a bit of sunlight. Simple.

This little lady came all the way from the UK. She was made in Britain by Anna from Berries for Bella. This pot is perfect for our home! She adds the perfect bit of greenery to my sewing space.

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